What is Health Insurance? Best Health Insurance Plans

Good health refers to being in a condition of completely mentally, physically and social well-being but not mere absence of illness. It is possible to get health insurance coverage with the best health insurance plans. But getting a comprehensive health insurance cover may be denied for your near and dear ones on acquiring some illness. Certain medical emergencies are difficult to foresee or prevent.

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers all the medical expenses that arise due to an illness. These expenses include hospitalisation costs, medicines costs or doctor consultation charges. Most of the Health insurance plans in India cover medical expenses that arise due to illnesses, accidents and include most medical or surgical treatments to restore good health. In short, health insurance help reduce fears, facilitate better care, offer timely intervention for those affected and allow them to more and more focus on recovery.

Types of Health Insurance in India

Type of Health InsuranceBeneficial For
Individual Health InsuranceIndividual
Family Health InsuranceEntire Family- Self, Spouse, Children, and Parents
Critical Illness InsuranceUsed for funding expensive treatments
Senior Citizen Health InsuranceCitizens of age 65 and above
Top Up Health InsuranceThis insurance plan is beneficial when the sum insured of the existing policy gets exhausted.
Hospital Daily CashDaily hospital expenses
Personal Accident InsuranceIt can be used in case of any loss or damage to the owner or driver.
MediclaimIn-patient expenses
Group Health InsuranceFor a group of employees
Disease-Specific (M-Care, Corona Kavach, etc.)Suitable for those who are suffering from pandemic-manifested conditions or prone to one.
ULIPsThe dual benefit of insurance and investment
Source- Bajaj Allianz

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Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Plans
Health Insurance

Various Health Insurance companies provide various health insurance plans to meet customers’ needs and provides hassle-free in-house claim settlements. Health Insurance has a number of benefits-

  • Cashless Facility from Network Hospitals
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Lifetime Renewability Benefit
  • Coverage against medical expenses
  • Coverage against critical illnesses
  • Value-Added Services
  • Financial Security against Rising Medical Costs
  • Enduring Trust
  • Customer-Centric

How Can You Get an Individual Health Insurance Cover at Less Premium?

Health Insurance

With rising prices of necessities, it would become difficult for you to spend a lot of money on policy premiums. The following tips would help you stay covered at a lesser premium and will help to reduce your expenses on insurance plans:

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  • Purchase health insurance when you are young
  • Buy a policy with low sum insured (SI)
  • Opt for co-pay and voluntary deductibles
  • Buy long-term health policies
  • Top-up plans
  • Look for Family floaters plans
  • Compare plans with other insurance companies
  • Purchase policies for your parents before they turn 60 years

Best Health Insurance Plans In India

We are providing you a list of various Health Insurance provider companies. You can check and choose the Best Health Insurance Plans for Individuals and Best Health Insurance Plans for families in India.

Consider the following factors while selecting the best health insurance cover for you and your family:-

Health Insurance plans in india

1- Maximum coverage (Look for a plan that provides maximum coverage, daycare and domiciliary treatments)
2- Eligibility (Check the eligibility criteria for various health insurance plans and select policies with maximum renewal age and lifetime coverage)
3- Waiting period (The minimum period between the issuance of policy and availing of the benefits)
4- Exclusions (Buy policies with the minimum number of exclusions)
5- Premium (Choose a policy with maximum coverage at an affordable premium)

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