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Raine Burdette video is currently going viral on various social media such as TikTok, Twitter and Reddit because the content in the viral video is indecent and scandalous which is the primary reason for it spreading like a fire. Videos like this are preferred to watch by the internet surfers and many of them are looking for the Raine Burdette viral video link, so in this article we have covered everything related to this viral video. Keep reading!

Who is Raine Burdette aka @rxineli?

Raine Burdette aka @rxineli is a popular TikTok influencer with a strong base of 3 million followers. It is also evident that if anysensitiveconversation is sparked around social media, the influencers are immediately held accountable for the action, the same is happening with the Raine Burdette scandal. Learn more about this viral video below.

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NameRaine Burdette
Date Of BirthNA
Age22 years old
Profession / OccupationTikToker
Mother TongueEnglish
Caste/ EthnicityNA
Zodiac SignLibra
Height167 centimeters

Raine Burdette Scandal on TikTok and Twitter:

She became famous for her dancing videos and funny skits. Despite this, her reputation suffered when footage of her making racist remarks about a group of people surfaced online.

Raine Burdette Twitter Video is getting an enormous attention from everyone. The video shows Raine seated in a car with friends. They were gossiping about a recent incident where a group fellow had been attacked. A moment of anger caused Raine to make racist remarks toward the perpetrators.

Watch @Rxineli Raine Burdette Viral Scandal

As a result, she used derogatory names to describe the mugging suspects. In a moment, the incident happened on social media, as the video went viral and sparked outrage.

Many of her followers were disappointed and shocked by her behavior. On comments, people demanded that she be held responsible for her actions.

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How Raine reacted to her viral video?

At first, Raine denied any responsibility for the incident and refused to apologize. In her video, she claimed the video was taken out of context and she wasn’t racist. Eventually, she issued a public apology as the backlash from the public kept growing.

Raine apologized for her words, admitting that they were hurtful and offensive. It was clear that she was not proud of her behavior, and that she made a commitment to learning from them in the future.

In addition, she announced that she would take a social media break in order to think about her actions. There are some people who accept Raine’s apology, but there are others who still call for her to pay for her actions.

The incident has once again drawn attention to social media racism and the need for influencers to take responsibility.

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