How tall is Ranboo? Ranboo Height, Age and Net worth

Ranboo aka RanbooLive is a popular Twitch streamer, Social media personality, and YouTuber. Ranboo was born on 3 November 2003 in the United States. As of 2022 Ranboo age is 19 years old. He currently lives in America. Also, he got popularity from Streaming Minecraft on his Twitch channel. Ranboo height is about 6 feet 4 inches. However, he has almost three million followers on Twitch.  

Ranboo Face Reveal
Source: Ranboo Instagram

If we talk about other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and many others, so he has almost ten million followers collectively. Keep reading this article if you want to know more about Ranboo, height, Age, wiki, net worth and many more.

However, he managed to separate his private life from and social life. He has gained popularity from Minecraft material. Also, he is part of the “Origins SMP and Cogchamp SMP”. Whenever he goes out he used to wear a mask have balck and white patches and glasses that keeps his face covered.

Source: Ranboo Instagram

Ranboo Height

Ranboo believes in Christianity and has Caucasian ethnicity. Also, he has a charming and attractive personality. Also, Ranboo height is about 6 feet 4 inches and Ranboo weight is about 60 Kg. Further, his body measurements of Ranboo are 44-32-38. He has blond hair and light brown eyes that make him more attractive.

Source: Ranboo Instagram

Ranboo Wiki

Ranboo was born on November 3, 2003. However, he did not share any information about his family and siblings. However, Ranboo is a famous YouTuber with 3.94 million subscribers and a Twitch streamer with 4.4 million subscribers. He gained tremendous popularity owing to his Minecraft content.

Source: Ranboo Instagram

However, he keeps his real identity very private. However, Ranboo real name is Johnathan Schlatt. He is always seen wearing sunglasses and two coloured mask on his social platforms. Recently for the first time, in September 2022, he put off his black coloured glasses and showed his eyes. His aim of presence on social platforms is to make random people happy.

After his long disappearance, Ranboo promised that he is now back to his work. He will make more creative content aimed at making people HAPPY.

Real Name Johnathan Schlatt
Nickname Ranboo
Age 19 years
Date of Birth 3 November 2003
Hometown United States
Birth Place United States
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Religion Charastinity
Profession YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Social Media Influencer
Hobbies Travelling,Playing Games
Famous For Streaming on Twitch
Net Worth $4 million
Ethnicity Caucasian
Adress San Francisco Bay Area, California , United States

Ranboo Wiki
Source: Ranboo Instagram

Ranboo Face Reveal

Although, Ranboo did not reveal his face yet. He use to war balck and white mask and also wear goggles to hide his identity. He does all this to protect his identity and easy for his online existence. However, might be possible that he reveals his face to 5 million subscribers, but this all depends on him. Either he feels comfortable with this or not.
However, he revealed his eyes on November 26, 2021, at the end of his streaming because of the anniversary of the first National Ranboo Day. After that, he posted his pictures without glasses on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for the first time. Also, he mentioned that the glasses cause discomfort and inconvenience.

Ranboo Face Reveal
Source:Ranboo Instagram

Ranboo Net Worth

The estimated worth of Ranboo is $4 million. His videos on YouTube and Twitch are viewed by millions of fans. Soon, his net worth will be doubled after his regular presence on social platforms with creative content. Also,Ranboo has many hobbies, playing games with friends, travelling and making creative content on his channels.

Ranboo Net Worth
Source: Ranboo Instagram

Ranboo Career

Although, Ranboo is a famous American Twitch Streamer and Youtuber. Also, he collaborates with other content creators and Strem Minecraft videos. However, he is a member of the Dream SMP Minecraft server. In January 2020, he first created his YouTube channel. Furthermore, on September 2020, he started Twitch.
However, he first posted a video on youtube on August 13, 2020, titled ” I decided to play skyward; it was a nightmare.” However, on December 2020, he was officially a member of the Dream SMP after getting an official notice from the server. Further, by 2021, he gained 1 million subscribers on Youtube.

Ranboo Age
Source: Ranboo Instagram

Furthermore, In January 2021, he created his second YouTube channel, “RanbooLive.” However, he again changed the channel’s name in August 2021, titled ” RanbooPlayStuff.”
Also, he got the title of third most popular Twitch streamer on February 2021. On November 18, 2018, he became the Twitch partner. However, he earns a huge amount from ads and subscriptions.


  • However, Ranboo loves the games most, and his favorite games are Portal 2 and Minecraft.
  • His favorite color is royal blue.
  • Also, he has the habit of talking and walking in sleep.
  • For almost 9 years, he has been playing his favorite game Minecraft.
  • According to the poll he created, almost 83% of the viewers are LGBT+.
  • Also, he is an expert in Rubik’s cube and can solve it within 20 seconds.
  • Also, he loves to play Dungeons & Dragons. Further, he loves to watch ” Gravity Fall,” his favorite Television show.
  • Also, his discovered server title is ” Ranboo’s Corner.”
  • On November, 18,2020, he officially became the Twitch Partner.
  • Also, Rainbow wants to work at Taco Bell
  • He also features in ” Jus Roll and Rolls with it” on the D &D Podcast.

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How tall is Ranboo in 2022? 

Ranboo has got a very handsome height which is 6 feet and 4 inches. 

How old is Ranboo? The real age of Ranboo? 

Ranboo has recently revealed via his YouTube channel that he celebrated his birthday with his friends on November 2. Also, his age in the year 2022 is 19 years. 

Face Reveal: now or shortly? Ranboo plan about revealing his face

In his YouTube video on September 10, 2022, he talked about his face reveal plan which was supposed to be revealed once he got 5 million subscribers on YouTube. However, he changed his mind and said that he would reveal his face whenever he deemed it necessary. 

Death rumour of Ranboo: What happened when Ranboo disappeared from social platforms? 

For a couple of months, Ranboo was cut off from his social presence. Abruptly, many death rumours circulated on various social media of his fans showering blessings on his eternal life. However, he reappeared on September 2022, in which he did not only share his fan’s messages but also paid a tribute to his fan following for making him a famous personality.

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