Is Paul Cattermole drugs addict? His Cause of Death was revealed.

Paul Cattermole is known as a famous singer and actor who was born and raised in and lived in England until his last breath, he was enthusiastic in the entertainment industry for a few decades. He was primarily famous for being a crew member of the pop company S Club 7. However, Paul Cattermole drugs stories are all over the internet, are they true or not? Find out in this article.

Who is Paul Cattermole? Wiki & Biography

Paul Gerald Cattermole was an English singer and actor, who died on April 6th, 2023. Paul was best known as a member of the pop group S Club 7 from 1998 until 2002.

Paul Cattermole stood with S Club 7 beginning from 1998 until his last breath in the year 2002. Besides being a singer, Paul Cattermole was also a promising actor who made his way in several films such as, Back to the ’50s, Miami 7, and The Greatest Store in the World.

Paul Cattermole attained huge popularity among the youth with his impression in multiple television shows such as The One Show, Loose Women, S Club Search, and First Dates. However, Paul Cattermole drugs stories are all over the internet, are they true or not? Find out in this article.

Real NamePaul Cattermole
NicknamePaul Cattermole
Date Of Birth7 March 1977
Profession / OccupationLate Actor
Mother TongueEnglish
Caste/ EthnicityNA
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height NA

Paul Cattermole Cause of Death – Was that a suicide or murder?

Paul Cattermole breathed his last in the year 2023, on April 6 while he was just 46 years old, in Dorset, England. S Club 7’s manager openly declared the sad demise in a brief note. The announcement also disclosed no distrustful circumstances existed.

Even after sharing the demise news, not even one of the official members has communicated about his substantial cause of death. So, it can not be verified how the famous singer passed away. Due to this, assorted assumptions heeding Paul Cattermole’s demise have come out on social media platforms.

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Most of the social media users and his fans have also spoken out that Cattermole might have died by killing himself or it could be murder. As it was said earlier, no doubtful events were at the spot where Cattermole was found dead.

However, it can be said that Cattermole was not killed by anyone. It looks like the friends and the family do not want to disclose anything but keep it private as much as possible.

Is Paul Cattermole drugs addict?

As vividly said earlier, Paul Cattermole’s sudden demise has given rise to many speculations and beliefs on various social media platforms, nevertheless not all of the media sources contained the actual reason. After his demise, people assumed he might have lost his life after attempting suicide.

On April 6, 2023, Paul was found unconscious at his residence in Dorset. And then sometimes he was declared dead. A Twitter profile furthermore shared the news and extended their homage to the late singer and actor, and other few folks gave condolence to the family.

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What the speculators had to say?

A few twitter and other social media profiles tried anticipating the death of the singer by saying that it could rather be due to cardiac arrest or a stroke and few claimed saying that it is because of the drug addiction.

Nonetheless, various media bases have noted that Paul combated depression. He also spoke regarding his fight with depression in a few interviews.

Wrapping up

All in all this was the whole article about the sad demise of Paul Cattermole. I hope this article had everything that you were looking for.

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