The Jorhat Viral Video 2023 is getting a lot of attention all over the internet, so if you want to watch it, then you can scroll down and watch it. In a tragic incident that has shaken the whole India, a 72-year-old man in Assam’s Jorhat district committed suicide after a video of him in a compromising position with a college girl surfaced online. This girl, identified as Darshana Bharali, is accused of entrapping the elderly man and engaging in s*xual relations with him, which she secretly recorded and allegedly uploaded to a p@rnographic website. In this article, we will be sharing jorhat girl new viral video and other info about the girl.

Who is Darshana Bharali?

Darshana is a 25 year old girl from Assam who is accused of entrapping the elderly man who later turns out to be the cause of his death by entrapping him. She uploaded the video of them making love to an adult website.

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When the 72-year-old man found the video, he was so depressed that he committed suicide. According to sources, the elderly man could not bear the shame that it brought to his family after the video went viral in the locality.

Name Darshana Bharali
Nickname Darshana
Gender Female
Date Of Birth NA
Age 25
Profession / Occupation Student
Mother Tongue Hindi
Religion Hindu
Nation NAN
Caste/ Ethnicity NAN
Zodiac Sign NAN
Height 5 feet 5 inches

Jorhat Assam leaked video Reaction

The incident has sparked outrage in the community, with the family of the deceased requesting that strict punishments be imposed on the accused girl for what she has done. Moreover, it has also been revealed that the girl may have entrapped several men in the past and uploaded their private videos to porn sites in the past in order to gain access to their private videos.

According to the local police, the accused girl was arrested and a case has been filed against her under the relevant sections of the law. A further investigation into the matter is currently in progress.

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Watch Jorhat Viral Video 2023 link

There are many websites that claims to have the video but the video has been removed from all over the internet and social media networks.


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