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Sean Astin, aka Sean Patrick Astin, was born on February 25, 1971. He is a famous American Vocalist, entertainer, producer, and manager. Also, Sean shows his talent in several TV series, music videos, films, and many more.  However, he also played outstanding roles in high-rating movies like “The Lords of the Ring Trilogy”, “Stranger Things” and many other blockbuster movies. Sean Astin net worth is about $10 million.

Although between 1988 to 2003, he also produced many TV series and short films. However, for arts, he attended Crossroad High School. Furthermore, for master classes, he participated in the class along with Stella Alder at Stella Alder Conservatory located in Los Angeles.

He currently lives in Los Angeles; Sean Astin wife and children; his daughters are Elizbeth Louis, Alexendra Loius, and Isabella Loius Astin. Also, he worked for “Disney Junior ” he played an amazing character in “ Special Agent Oso as ”Oso “. However, Sean Aston officially started his career in 1981 in a Television movie, “ Do Not Hit Me, Mom”.

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Furthermore, in 1994 Sean and his Wife co-produced a microfilm titled “ Kangaroo Court”. Also, this film was nominated for its best live action at “The Academy Awards”. However, he worked hard to make his career, proved himself, and played notable roles in several movies.

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Sean Astin Biography

Sean Astin, a famous American producer, actor, and entertainer, was born on February 25, 1971. As of 2022, Sean Astin age is 51 years old. However, he was born in Santa Monica, California, United States. Also, he has an American nationality, and he believes in Christianity. Furthermore, he completed his early education at Catholic School, and then he went to Crossroad Arts School.

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After that, he went to Stelle Adler Conservatory Los Angeles. However, he completed his B.A major in English and History from the University of Califonia at Los Angeles Valley College. 

Real Name 

Sean Patrick Astin


Sean Astin 

Net Worth 

$10 million


51 Years 

Date Of Birth

February 25, 1971,

Birth Place

Santa Monica, California, United States

Current City

Santa Monica


Actor, Producer, Entertainer, Vocalist Player


TV series, Video games, Film

Years Active 


Popular role

Daniel Ruttiger in the film Rudy




Irish, Jerman, Polish Jewish descent, and Jewish






B. A in History and English


Crossroad High School

Sean Astin Physical Appearance

However, as of 2022, Sean Astin is about 51 years old. He maintains himself and takes care of his fitness and beauty. However, fans love to follow the hairstyles, shoes, and dresses of their celebrity. However, Sean Astin height is about 1.70m, and his current weight is about to 86 Kg. Further, the weight of the body and height perfectly matches.

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Sean Astin Net Worth

According to Forbes, Wikipedia, and Google, the estimated net worth of Sean Astin is about $10 million.  Although he earned a huge amount of his income from the Yeezy sneakers. However, now he has expanded his business more and earned a huge amount from his business. But he pulled the money from his acting; he was the highest-paid actor. Furthermore, Sean’s fundamental source of income is his acting skills; he generates a lot of money from there.

However, according to an estimation, the current net worth of Sean Astin is about $10 million. Sean Astin Family and Relationship

Sean Astin’s father’s name is Michael Tell, and his mother’s name is Patty Duke. However, by profession, Sean’s father, Michael Tell, was an American Rock Promoter. Also, Michael is a Polish Jewish. Further, Sean’s mother’s name is Patty Duke; By profession, she was an actress. Also, she is an Australian Jewish.

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However, Sean was close to his stepfather Mike Pearce. Furthermore, he has five siblings, Mackenzie Astin, David Aston, Tom Astin, Kevin Pearce, and Allen Astin. Also, all five siblings belong to acting or are connected to arts.

Furthermore, Sean is Married to Charisitain Harrell. Also, Christin Harrell was a famous producer. The couple got married in 1992.  However, the couple has three daughters, Isabella, Alexandra, and Elizabeth. Alexandra is also an actress and plays child characters.

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Sean Astin Career

Sean Astin first started his career in television “ Please Don’t Hit Me Mom”, a Television movie in 1981.  However, when he was 13, his film career started. Also, he played the “Mickey” role in the movie. After that, he appeared in several famous movies like Walt Disney, Like Father Like Son, Toy Solider, and many others.

In 1993, Sean Astin First big break was when he played the role “Of Rudy,” A sports biography kind of film the story based on a college-level football player. Also, in 1994 sean and his wife co-produced a film titled “Kangaroo in Court”.

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Furthermore, he debuted in the Academy Award-winning movie “ The Lords of ing” as a “ Samwise Gamgee”. However, in all these years, Sean played a fantastic character and got appreciated by the fans and the seniors. He performed every role with passion and perfection and was noticeable.

However, he is best known for his role in “The Lords Of Ring ” as a Swimwise Gamgee, which led him to success and helped him to pursue his career in acting.

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  • Sean Astin is an American actor, producer, and entertainer.
  • Sean Astin is currently 51 years old.
  • Also, while shooting The Fellowship of the Rings, he got injured on his foot and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.
  • However, he has the same tattoo as all the Lords of the Rings cast.
  • Also, he directed a film while shooting Lords of the Ring.
  • Furthermore, Sean must gain almost 35 pounds to play the character of Samwise.
  • He started his career in Television and played a role in Television movies.


How Old is Sean Astin?

As of 2022, Sean Astin is almost 51 years old.

Who is Sean Astin’s father?

Sean Astin’s Father’s name is Michael Tell; by profession, he was an American Rock Promoter.

Who is Sean Astin Parents?

Sean’s father’s name is Michel Tell, and his mother’s name is Patty Duke. However, his mother is an actress by profession, and his father is an American Rock promoter.

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