Shocking allegations against Brandon Alexander Fried are explained

Brandon Alexander Fried is an American artist. Also, he is a member of the famous band Neighbourhood; he was the Drummer. He was the Drummer in the most famous brand Neighbourhood which is most famous for its debut album, “I Love You”.  Check all allegations against Brandon Alexander Fried

In November 2022, Brandon was fired from the band due to some allegations of sexual assault. Maria Zardoya, the singer of the indie pop band the Marias, accuses Bardon on Sunday of groping her at a bar.

Zardoye made an objection against Fried on her Instagram story. She mentioned that Fried Drummer had invaded her privacy, body and space. Also shared her allegation on Twitter and notified the band about the whole scenario. 

Brandon Alexander Fried allegations

Suddenly when they notified the band, Neighbourhood stepped forward and announced that 

They fired the friend from the band. After their announcement, Fried apologised, justified all the allegations, and said, “he did and wherever he did under the influence”.

What are all the allegations filed against Brandon Alexander?

Last night at the bar, I was molested under the table by Brandon Fried @brandonfried_‘ also, Zordya mentioned in her story that he is the Drummer of the Neighbourhood. This was an intolerable incident I have ever gone through. I feel in occupation of privacy, space and body. After that, she mentioned @thenbhd and said, “you need a new drummer, as this guy is just a Creep”.

Following her statement, the Neighbourhood replied via tweet, “we are all grateful to Maria for coming forward. We have zero tolerance for any kind of inappropriate behaviour towards women. As a result of Bardon’s action, he will no longer be a member of Neighbourhood”.

Alexander Fried apologised to Maria and wrote, “I’m so sorry to Maria”. My actions were intolerable and indefensible. These actions do not depict me as who I am in person, but these are a reflection of who I have become under the influence. 

Although this is crystal clear that I discuss my problems with substance abuse and alcohol, which I’m currently looking for help for”.

Maria Zardoya given support as The Neighbourhood drummer Brandon Alexander Fried fired over groping allegations

“I apologise for my behaviour to the women, who have been the sufferer of any action that has a bad impact on her, left them feeling violated and uncomfortable,” he pursued. He also apologised to the band and fans and said, “I am sorry to the Neighbourhood and our fans for letting them down,” he added.

Brandon was fired from his band Neighbourhood when the allegation of sexual assault against Bradon became popular among the public. He tweeted and wrote an apology to the fan and the Neighbourhood. Also, he cleared his point that he was under the influence, making him a completely different person than I did under the influence. Otherwise, I’m a different person. 

He apologised publicly, confirmed all the allegations against him, and explained. These actions have nothing to do with who I am, which is the reflection of who I have become under the influence.

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